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How To Redeem Rewards in #InBoxDollars

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#InBoxDollars is an survey panel, with tons of ways to earn rewards such as reading emails, videos, games and taking SURVEYS

Get your $5 signup bonus INBOXDOLLARS TODAY HERE

Reward Types and Amounts

For each survey taken, #InBoxDollars awards its members a minimum of $0.25 up to $5.00. There are a variety of options that accumulated points can be used towards.

*VISA- A new payout option recently introduced by InBoxDollars is VISA e-card.

*Paypal Transfer. Note: Make sure your InboxDollars email and Paypal email is same.

*Amazon e-Cards - You can choose to receive an Amazon gift card with your collected points. The e-card will be sent directly to your email account.

*Catalog and Gift Cards - InBoxDollars offers an extensive catalog of gift cards and merchandise options. Some of the gift card options include Starbucks, iTunes, Walmart gift cards, as well as many others.

InBoxDollars offers Prepaid Virtual Visas – If stated up front, some Visas are only available to US residents and residents of US territories and can only be used in the United States.

Earn your First Check Automatically Once you complete your first survey, which is always rewarded with a minimum of $0.25 points, InBoxDollars will automatically add that your profile. This is a security measure to establish your profile and account.


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