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How to Sign up on

How To Sign Up With Toluna.

This is going to teach you how to obtain money from the internet through taking online surveys. Online questionnaires today a big deal over the internet. Toluna essentially is a study-based website, you can make money doing small surveys to big surveys, although there plenty of more options. So, you need to first register at from

Make Money just by filling the on-line surveys. Filling paid online surveys can be a common strategy that most of the pupils are using to make money in their free time. Research companies are constantly enlisting new members for surveys to test their new products. For a few minutes of filling out forms you'll be able to simply make money. Some paid surveys offer to $3 for completing the survey. Earn up to 18,000 points for a survey!!!



If you be a member of Toluna, you'll earn points for each survey you finish, opinion you have written or poll you are participating in. Toluna offers new members 500 points for registration. Once you have received achieved a certain limit, Toluna points can be redeemed for gift certificates or cash reward and redeemed via Paypal ($30 = 95,000 points). Physical gift cards can be be sent to your mailing address, electronic vouchers can be sent to your Toluna account or usually to your e-mail address.

Bank transfers/PayPal requests will be credited directly to your bank or PayPal account. Toluna also offers you the selection of alternative gifts. These area company virtual gifts you'll have the opportunity to send to family and friends. Some even convert real gifts so if you select a box of chocolates for your girlfriend, she will receive them within the post. You’ll have the opportunity to additionally gift yourself.

If you sign with the link below I receive 500 points!! Thank you 😊

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