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i-Say Payment Proof

isay cashout

If you're worried about spammy internet sites and choose to take online surveys the esteemed a market research company, i-Say can be a good choice.

What it's like

I-Say is the immediate survey provider through Ipsos, a global market research firm that is in France. Because i-Say is a direct provider, you stay on the site for all your surveys, which makes for a much cleaner browsing experience.

Despite the vast profile survey that the assertions to assist the site find surveys for you, I had to enter much of the same information for each survey I attempted. I-Say provides an explanation for this before each the survey. It states “sometimes we might ask you the same questions. We’re either confirming your first answer or trying to qualify you for another survey.”

Success percentage

Out of 30 surveys, I qualified for 15. That’s a 50% success rate, which is about overall better for sites. For all the surveys I did qualify for had a substantial point value and were typically exciting.

isay surveys

It’s hard to say precisely what excluded me from each survey. Sometimes it took only a click to the survey before I was disqualified, and sometimes I would be five or 10 minutes into a survey before it kicked me off.

The web page would often offer surveys I’d already attempted, which was weird. I think the site doesn’t update the survey selections. Occasionally it seemed as though there were a lot of surveys to try out, but once I clicked over them, the site would indicate that I’d already tried every-one. I-Say mentions on its FAQ page that it’s mindful of this problem and is trying to repair the issue.

If you are getting kicked, I-Say gives you 5 points for the attempt. There are no restrictions on how many times you can get this reward. Though if you're disqualified due to the fact that a survey filled up, i-Say doesn't provide those points.

The payment

Based on the points you make, i-Say will let you redeem points for the choice for charity donations, cash, or gift cards. The value of each point changes according to the reward you choose: 1 point is worth 1 cent when you choose a gift card and 0.98 cent if you want a cash payout through PayPal.

At the end of five days, I had racked up 1015 points. If I wanted to redeem those points for cash, that’s a rate of $2.01 per hour — again, about over average for sites I reviewed. Again, it’s the point that I mentioned before, which is signing up to a lot or all sites. I-Say offers a lot of possibilities for redemption at 500 points, all of which are worth $5: Starbucks gift card Amazon, Walmart, donations, Paypal cash. Look at the list below:

isay rewards cards

You can share your refer-a-friend link and earn more points just by telling you friends and family.

i-Say refer a friend

The verdict

I-Say can be easier to use than survey sites, which redirect users to other sites. However, i-Say’s malfunctioning home page and limited number of surveys can be challenging. Other sites may offer greater value, higher success percentage and more survey opportunities.

In general, it’s tough to earn cash from online surveys, unless you… here’s a TIP… join them all. So you should consider exploring other ways to make money. While taking surveys is easy, the payoff typically is small for time you put in. But if you do decide this technique fits your requirements, think about creating a new and separate email address exclusively for survey from the survey companies. Although I-Say sent me only 20 emails over a few days, other survey sites send more and can fill up your inbox.





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