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Super Affiliate System Review – John Crestani

Is it worthwhile to invest in the Super Affiliate System? Does it make any difference?

Nowadays, the Super Affiliate System has gained a lot of attention from a number of affiliate marketers. This calls for caution as to whom you should listen and believe. Many people are offering this course just to procure some sales commission. While receiving commission emails might provoke your interest, it is necessary that you're are well-informed to filter out the spam before you commit to invest your hard-earned money.

Here’s why you would want to go through our review:

  • The review is to-the-point and concise. No long paragraphs with overflowing keywords just to hack Google’s algorithms.

  • I am going to be honest in my review regarding the Super Affiliate System Course and John Crestani, instead of blatantly promoting it like other affiliate marketers.


  • I and my team have thoroughly gone through the entire course, inspected its resources, and watched all the related videos. Many few marketers have invested that much value in their reviews.

  • We have been well-established in the affiliate market for around fifteen years, and understand the inside and outside of it. We have the acumen to know when someone’s bluffing to glean extra commission and when it is the real deal.

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Super Affiliate System Review: What should you expect?


With my long-standing experience in the field of affiliate marketing, I have personally come across countless affiliate marketing related trainings. While a handful of those courses almost met the mark, most of them were pretty average, while others were so pointless, that you might as well be wasting your time and money.

Many trainers and course instructors leave out a huge chunk of insightful information, leaving you with just enough information that you get a taste of success, which leaves you lost and confused in the later stages of marketing. Hence, it is important to determine the utility and scope of a course before investing your earnings.

How different is the Super Affiliate System from Other Conventional Affiliate Marketing Courses?

I find the Super Affiliate System and John Crestani to be quite unique in their offer, comparative to traditional affiliate marketing courses. The course lays out terrific ways to acquaint ourselves with and master many skills related to affiliate marketing. John Crestani enumerates a number of paid traffic sources that bring quicker results and drastically improve ranking, as compared to organic traffic sources.


He proffers a number of methods, with particular focus on solo-ads, Google Ads and Facebook. In his unique approach of teaching, he employs these traffic sources to set up actual campaigns that you can easily follow – something you won't see in other courses. Moreover, he provides a lot of data that you can target like lists of buyers for small niches like Blood Pressure, Bizopp, Bedbugs and the like. The result is you aptly learn to target the right data to generate “Look-Alike” audiences. In this aspect, Super Affiliate System sets itself apart from any other course we have ever come across.

It is important to note that this course won't make you an accomplished affiliate marketer overnight. It is a stimulus to kick-start your career through online means. In my opinion, the purpose of this course is to equip people with basic skills to earn actual money online and open up more learning avenues for them to build further knowledge and skills to upscale their career profile and income. For instance, email marketing is one thing John Crestani doesn’t leaves out in this course, even though, I am sure he uses it regularly as I frequently get emails from him. This is one avenue that you can further explore to expand your affiliate marketing skills.


Super Affiliate System – Discounts and Coupon:

As of now, no discounts or coupons associated with Super Affiliate System are available. However, to make this course more affordable for our visitors, we offer a split-payment plan.

Super Affiliate System in a Nutshell:

All in all, Super Affiliate System is the real deal and one of the best affiliate marketing training courses. It is highly useful in getting yourself familiar with the broader scope of the field. The training adequately touches upon numerous paid advertising methods that you can employ to increase your site’s traffic and drive more sales.  These methods would barely charge you $5 per day. Just know that you won't come across any course that covers every marketing skill out there. You’d need to invest effort and time in developing your marketing skills and feed them into growing your business.




  • It is easy to understand

  • It has something for every candidate, whether beginner or advanced level

  • It provides substantial number of resources

  • Incredible Amount of Resources Included

  • Split-Payment Option (3x)

  • One-time purchase for access to all future trainings


  • It is expensive, although it is worth it

  • John Crestani can seem a bit dramatic in his promotional claims

  • I found the customer support to be offbeat

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