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8 Tips & Tricks to Making the Most Money with Paid Surveys

8 Tips & Tricks to Making the Most Money with Paid Surveys

TIP 1.

Make sure your email that you use for your survey site account coincides with your PayPal account. Otherwise, you won't be able to withdraw your money. But you can redeem your money for the use of a gift card.

TIP 2.

At the beginning of the questionnaires, the site asks if you work in certain industries like market research, etc, you need to not work in those industries because it like moonlighting and the don't like it.

TIP 3.

Pay attention to the question and not just zone out. Because they ask questions like Please choose "I like it" and the multiple-choice answer is "Please choose I like it". If you don't choose that answer it will disqualify you for that survey. Sometimes they ask the same later on in the survey.

TIP 4.

RoboForm is a great tool to use when signing up for all the survey sites. You can auto-fill your info quickly and it is quick so you don't spend a lot of time adding your name, email, etc.

TIP 5.

JOIN, make sure that you add the app on all your devices. They use your browsing searches for market research. So, every month that adds points ($3.00) for each device that the app is used. Free points just for using your devices.

TIP 6.

The survey sites will send you email notifications regularly. Create a new email account to receive those notifications and not use your personal email. Don't want to fill that up, do you?

Tip 7.

Be sure to take advantage of all theses site offers points for watching videos, taking polls, entering sweepstakes, adding content to their blogs. Some give you points for uploading your receipts and buying groceries online.

Tip 8.

Most sites have a referral program or others call it a "refer a friend". Basically you share a link on social media. Whenever that friend earns points you receive points also.And it doesn't take away from your friend or your points.





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