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PrizeRebel Cash-Out Payment Proof

PrizeRebel Cash-Out

#Prizerebel is a premier (get-paid-to) rewards website where members are rewarded. Members are rewarded for completing tasks and activities in send out Gift cards, cash, and merchandise.

Prizerebel was launched in 2007. It has grown to become one of the most widely used “get paid to” site on the planet. It has a global membership of over 10 million users in the UK, United States, Canada, and Australia. It has the most opportunities to answer surveys.

Joining Prizerebel is FREE and a total of $20 million had been delivered to its members. Keep reading on to learn how use this website. Enjoy!

Prizerebel Works Like This

The registration process is quite simple and easy on Prizerebel. Simply add you name, email and your desired password on the site’s homepage. You are in. Or you can registrar with your Facebook account, that is up to you.

prizerebel homepage

Once your registration is completed, you will be transferred to the main Prizerebel dashboard. It is an easy page to navigate through, which presents all the money-making opportunities available to you.

This page shows the amount of people who have already earned points from the activity. This is comforting for new members who stay skeptical about the legality of the website.

Making money with Prizerebel

prizerebel surveys

There is a range of various actions you can take part in to make your account balance with Prizerebel:

  • Fill out Offers

  • Take surveys

  • Watch Videos

  • Complete Tasks

  • Collect daily points

  • Participate in contests and games

  • Offer Walls

  • Referrals

  • Account Level Extras

Did You Know? Rewards processing is completed within 24 hours, but Gold status members and above receive their rewards immediately after application!

Payment and Rewards

Gift cards

Prizerebel offers a rewards collection with over 500+ gift card options. This is far more than many of its contenders. More are added daily. Frequently Prizerebel will present discounts on certain Gift cards. The discount will be promoted at the top of the rewards page.

Instead, you may convert your points balance for a Paypal cash payment or ACH bank transfer.

You can ask for a reward the minimum is $5 worth of points in your account. rewards handling is finalized within 24 hours, but gold status members and above receive their rewards instantly after request!

You can also ask for a $2 Amazon gift card for 200 points. You don’t need to be concerned about devoting numerous hours to the website before you are able to cash out.

Paypal Cash

Alternatively, you may redeem your points balance for a Paypal cash payment or a Visa prepaid gift card.

For each of these, you can request a $5 reward with as little 500 points (worth $5) in your account. Many websites force you to earn far more points before these types of cash payments are made available to you, which is a bonus feature of Prizerebel. See below the screenshot of the cash-out.

Group Features

Surveys Experts

Prizerebel delights itself on being able to offer a broad range of surveys to their members through their very-moment integration with several market research firms. Through these relationships, they are able to provide a instantaneous ever-changing inventory of opinion surveys that can be paid from 50 cents to $20. Thanks to a partnership with some of the best firms in market studies, they can guarantee that their users will always have the more options in opinion surveys and some of the top cash per survey to be completed.

Prizerebel Referral Program

With the referral program you can make more point with sharing you referral ID.

prizerebel referral program

Prizerebel Millions

Prizerebel has been in place since 2007, has over 10 million members, given more than $22 million, and has over 200k fans on Facebook. Promotional codes for bonus points are frequently posted on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Even Though they do not have the mobile application offered, the Prizerebel website is mobile-friendly. Additionally, it uses an adaptive design so you can complete tasks, take surveys, etc. right from your phone.

See other members’ actions

You can check how many members have previously had the points from certain activities. At the same time as the rewards page contains a real-time inventory of the Gift cards and payments claimed from other users. The names of earlier sweepstakes champions are also listed after the prize draw is taking place. It creates a feeling of community about this site, that may help new members confidence in its authenticity.

Prizerebel: Legit or Scam?

By using such a thriving record and a wide variety of ways to win the rewards, it is no surprise that many people have decided to go around Making money on Prizerebel. With nearly 15 years on the web, millions of members and millions of making payments in their community members, Prizerebel is certainly no scam. While the personal experiences might be different, Prizerebel is most definitely genuine.

Its intuitive website, huge range of Gift cards and generous payment structure do a lot to help it stand out from its competitors. You can read what Prizerebel users have experienced using the website by rewarding their reviews, below.

Eligibility: Prizerebel is open to people around the world who are 18 years of age or older. Users 13-18 can use the website with parental permission. Note that users from the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia are likely to have the most success with the website.


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